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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Music Video: 'Dream in Twilight'

New Animatic:

Above = 2 image updates of character:

Music video, dark surreal story of a grimy city.

Key Influences: German Expressionism, David Lynch, Goldfrapp.
My formula for creativity = mix it up and put it out there.

The nightclub starts as a derelict factory; Ive part modelled it - see above; later I will make the 70s glam version, where it transforms and gyrates to the music.

Here are some images of the characters as I model them in 3D Max. They are designed as simplistic flat cut outs, like cardboard gingerbread men, and they are being textured as though fashioned out of soft fabrics.

Ongoing 3D short film, combining 3d environments and 2D -ish characters, a 70s nightclub that comes to life, and a murderous city. Currently seeking the right band, to composite into the club, when it comes alive and turns inside out to the music.

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