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Friday, 13 March 2009

Mixed Concept Art

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

'fOUR': Art Dept Wallpaper Designs for AFTRS film

Animated Short: Dream In Twilight

Dream in Twilight
Music Video:
This animated short, currently in production, depicts a derelict nightclub in a desolate cityscape. At night, the club fills with the supernatural citydwellers: prostitutes and criminals. Then, as the music starts to crank up, the club comes alive, and the whole building begins to gyrate and turn itself inside out to the music, revealing the grungy 70s interior decor, spinning mirrorballs and dancing characters.

Synopsis of Original Story
Two Liner: A young woman fantasises about escape from life on the street, but the city stalks her dream.
Styling: Magical/ realist, dark fairytale, live action and 3D CG, collage, Expressionist lighting, distorted environments, grungy. The city is murky and filthy, with heavy rain making for a glistening nocturnal environment. The characters are human-like, with animal and supernatural traits.Soundtrack: 70s disco, Punk, weird, psychadelic noise.
Brief Synopsis:
Enter a magical, dark and dangerous city.
Four lives are bound together by the grimy streets.
‘F’, working as a prostitute, has supernatural dreams of escaping to a new life.
On the verge of leaving, she is murdered.
Her two friends seek revenge against her killer.
A dream leads them to the killer’s hideout.
In a final confrontation, the killer is destroyed, and they flee the city, in search of redemption.